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Does Massage Therapy Work?

Relax Me Now is dedicated to relieving stress for employers and employees through the use of chair massage.

The drive or commute into work, the workplace and the drive or commute home are some of the most stressful situations people experience in any given day. And while these situations are unavoidable for the majority of people, combating and relieving the stresses caused in these places can be achieved.

There are many ways of relieving daily stress. However, most of these options cannot be done at the workplace. The workplace is where relieving stress is most needed. 15-minute chair massage is not only convenient for employees but for employers as well.

Allowing the Relax Me Now massage therapist into your offices once a month or more will reduce stress and increase productivity of the employees. At the same time it reduces turnover and unplanned time off for those who use the service.


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